it’s beautiful, now let’s go

Gettysburg, PA:


As I drive through town I think to myself “cool looking OLD town, but I was hoping for some pretty nature. Like fields and flowers and such”… then we came around a corner and BAM!

After about 30 seconds of my “oohing” and photo taking a sassy little voice said “it’s beautiful mommy, yes. But chocolate town (Hershey) is waiting for me, and I want to go. Take your picture so we can GOOOOOO!”

Thanks to the rental car for acting as a photographer. (ok, so I set the self timer!)

just one more… and… and… ok. Officially there are 2 things. 1) I love gettysburg and want to go back to spend at least a whole day taking scenic photos, learning more history, etc.  and 2) officially have become an old lady in manner of my mother or grandmother. Crooning to children about beauty and nature and such. Oh well. It was bound to happen…

blog prize winners, more prizes, and more photos to come…

15 thoughts on “it’s beautiful, now let’s go”

  1. That was a beautiful drive. . . you must of had such a great time!

  2. I’m ready, let’s go! Hubby and I got married in Williamsburg, VA…lots of history there too. And, yes, as you get older, you sometimes start to really enjoy the simple things in life…natural beauty…we have a gorgeous country full of things to see and appreciate!

    But as a child, I’d be in a hurry for chocolate too!

  3. great photos….glad you got a chance to be able to observe some of the beauty around you

  4. WOW!!!! It looks sooo nice in Gettysburg, PA. Those photos are so clear and beautiful!

  5. May, I’m the same way. I always point out the scenery, clouds, flowers, fields, the moon, hawks, owls, rabbits (any animal really). My kids just groan and roll their eyes. I grew up in the city so I am always amazed when I see nature in it’s uninterrupted glory right in front of me! Someday my kids will appreciate it, right?

  6. If that’s the mark of an old lady… add me to the list. The other day I was walking across campus with two friends and I kept making them look at certain trees or flowers because they were so pretty to me. I’m fairly certain I was annoying them… and I kept thinking “one day you’ll get it.” ha. :]

  7. Wow. I just read the comment above mine… funny how two Amys wrote nearly identical posts. :]

  8. Sounds like your mother and grandmother raised you well! Everyone should appreciate nature. Stop and smell the roses, right? And if your a scrapbooker, then photograph them too.

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