the chocolate sandwich

It all started when I read queen of babble . In the book, while she is in France she is offered fresh (warm) crusty bread with a chocolate bar on it. A chocolate sandwich. As a confirmed chocoholic and person with a mouth full ‘o “sweet tooth”… I had to test this. As I have tried and enjoyed this truly life changing food I have learned a few things, and today I will share with you. 

first off, I believe this works much better with slender slices of bread or a 1/2 baguette sliced in half sandwich style and served open-face. Unless you have just-from-the-oven crusty french bread. Then just shove a bar in there and enjoy. that said, you have a lot of options. You could do it cold (unmelted chocolate on room-temp bread)… but it’s not the same. My suggestion is to turn your broiler on and let it get hot. Then TURN IT OFF, and then put the bread with chocolate on top like this


 Semi Sweet chocolate chips, or any chocolate bar will work. Yesterday I ‘kicked it up a notch’ by using a symphony bar. So there was almond and toffee in it. WHOA! Talk about another level of delicious! Now- just leave the bread in there until the chocolate is looking kinda sweaty and like it’s gooshy and warm. Then take it out and spread it around with a knife.


I will admit- when you use a bar with stuff in it like I did the results look a bit unappetizing… it’s much prettier when it’s smooth chocolate. BUT- the taste is out of this world awesome. really. if you try it let me know- I serve this up one day a month for myself… a day I truly look forward to!