don't mess with the system.

Our march madness bracket stuff started when Elizabeth was 3 weeks old. Confined to the couch most of the time- we had time. So, we made a game and started picking games (and watched most games since we were all home!) and it was fun. Since then, it’s become tradition. I’ve predicted upsets and beat the guys more than once. My system is just as good as their special columns, blogs, and analysts. What am I talking about? What is my secret?

I choose favorites purely on my feminine whim. I base it on team colors, mascots, names, and if there’s somebody I don’t like. Yeah, I’m serious and I do pretty well and have fun. I promise to come back soon and talk about something more fun. Right now I’ve gotta wear game-face as I write down all my ‘research’ (mascots and such…) and ignore “mr right” who keeps offering assistance. Don’t I want to see some faves? don’t I want to read some columns?

nope. I’ll take my chances with lady luck as I choose my march madness bracket… I might loose… or I might beat them all! HA!