uh oh…

First of all, let me thank Fiskars for sending these goodies. If they hadn’t sent me my CHA ‘swag’ I would have not realized that it’s Feb. 1.


What I mean is, on February 9th I depart (just for 24hrs) to Anaheim for CHA. I have some demos to do in the MM booth, I have some copies of my book to give out, goodness… I need to have a cute outfit to wear! CHA preparations usually go on for weeks… I have a few days. (gulp) How did I not realize Feb 1 = FEB 1? How did I not notice CHA is sneaking up super fast? Ah well, I can get my stuff together, but since this is going to be an *intense* week… I’m going to sign off. If I bring my laptop I’ll blog from Anaheim… otherwise I’ll be back and running after the show.

Have a great week!