new apparel-


Shopping for myself = complete misery at this point. However shopping for Elizabeth and Rebecca is SOOO MUCH FUN! Today I went out to get a few warmer weather items and longer pants, shirts, etc. for Miss R. I even picked up this bathing suit for her. SO cute and let’s face it- it’s going to look good with summery scrapbook supplies.

Currently I’m on a quest to find something with a little dear on it for the girls to wear (and coordinate) with all that fabulous October Afternoon scrapbook stuff coming out. I’m a mom obsessed. A true member of Mom-arazzi. I know. Well it’s a  beautiful SUNNY day and so I’m off to throw open the windows and enjoy alone time with Rebecca. E and daddy are off at Nana’s house playing so that I can get some major work, laundry, and unpacking done.

TGIF everyone!!!

girls, toes, good times.

First of all- I love my girls toes. I do NOT love baby toes in general so much. Mostly just my girls. It’s been far to cold to see them- so having a 70 degree day to play outside barefoot was awesome. Especially to watch fat, wiggly, baby toes. (sigh)



Secondly, I made the girls wear these outfits for a photo shoot outside. Why? because they coordinate (thank you osh kosh!) AND they will be so lovely with this new line from Cloud 9. (thanks Amy and Nancy!)


good times, good times.

uh oh…

First of all, let me thank Fiskars for sending these goodies. If they hadn’t sent me my CHA ‘swag’ I would have not realized that it’s Feb. 1.


What I mean is, on February 9th I depart (just for 24hrs) to Anaheim for CHA. I have some demos to do in the MM booth, I have some copies of my book to give out, goodness… I need to have a cute outfit to wear! CHA preparations usually go on for weeks… I have a few days. (gulp) How did I not realize Feb 1 = FEB 1? How did I not notice CHA is sneaking up super fast? Ah well, I can get my stuff together, but since this is going to be an *intense* week… I’m going to sign off. If I bring my laptop I’ll blog from Anaheim… otherwise I’ll be back and running after the show.

Have a great week!

curse of the (right) big toe…

Oh my big (right) toe, captain of the toes… why? After recovering fully from an ingrown nail that took forever I was starting to feel comfortable with you again. Then, as I was thinking about how you are all better now I ran you into a chair leg. Breaking your nail half off. Poor toe, why are you cursed? Why is it that I am always injuring you and your nail? in Elizabeth’s terms “oh mommy! You need to be more careful for your toe. Daddy is gonna be mad that you made your toe bloody! You need to keep your toe safe” 

I don’t know, but it’s been THAT kind of day. The kind of day where a fish is sick, I missed a meeting with the boss that I didn’t realize was going to happen, I still have no stove, I have to explain plumbing charges to Mr. Right, I can’t find the dish soap (removed from kitchen due to lack of sink), the girls are not getting along well, and nothing got done and I can’t explain what I did today. I was busy… but what did I DO???

it’s a good thing there are only 2 hours left until tomorrow, and a new day can begin… I’m all about starting over fresh and I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and try again. Off to bed so I can wake up with a smile…