new rule:

ALWAYS keep my studio door LOCKED if I’m not in there. Even if Elizabeth is napping. Because she might not be asleep. She might be “working” and “bwap-book-eeng”. And the results might mean I have 3 layouts to re-do for my Big Picture class that I was working so hard on… lesson learned.


2 year old musings:


Elizabeth and Adriana- just stumbled across this photo and how cute are they??? I totally miss having my sister here, but hopefully she’ll be back for another visit in the fall. For now I just wanted to capture a conversation overheard by these two. I ADORE wee girl chatter, and the time we had 2 girlies (who could talk!) in house was fabulous. It was constantly stuff like this:

Adriana: I’m the princess queen mother

Elizabeth: I’m a princess

Adriana: You’re a naughty cat

Elizabeth: I’m a naughty cat princess

Adriana: I’m a princess queen mother cat

Elizabeth: Let’s have a dance party!

Adriana: with our Island Princess barbies!

(dancing to the thomas theme song begins…)

big changes announced-

I announced today that I’ll be stepping down as a lead fiskateer- something I’ve known for a few weeks now. I’ve gotten so many supportive e-mails and comments… wow. It’s really nice to know I made so many friends in that position. Of course I will remain #004, and I move into a new positon as “Fiskateer Legend”. I’m liking that title a lot- and all that comes with it. I’ll have some opportunities with Fiskars still, and remain close with everyone and the board. This blog here will become my true ‘home’, and of course I’ve got a lot of fun ideas on what to do with my free time I’ll have starting in July…

more on that another day!

Paper and Pixels


This is the banner I just made up for our book blog ( ) I had other ideas but they were all too big for a banner (mini pout!). But the darn site won’t let me upload this banner even though it’s the right size (medium pout!) oh well. BEST CO-AUTHOR Audrey Neal to the rescue- she worked some magic with a template they had.

 I am excited to have the book coming out- with the digital kits it comes with and all- it’s super fun and I hope everybody loves it as much as we do!

Speaking of the book- over at you can enter to win a copy this week + there is an interview with Aud and me.