Portfolio & Craft History

Hello and welcome to my corner of the creative world. My name is May Flaum and I am a creator, author, and instructor who has worked across the creative world in positions from social media management and content creation to design teams, store management, large scale events, and so much more. I’ve worked with individuals and large corporations and I value building long term partnerships where my skills and abilities pair with brands producing wonderful products and services.

A lifetime of creative joy and curiosity has kept me ever changing and growing in the craft space. I love paper crafts, making jewelry, sewing, cross stitching, mixed media, cosplay, and so much more. I believe in using colors and materials that suit me, and I am always transparent and honest with both my viewers and crafters in general about products I love, why I love them, and why I use and promote them.

In recent years, I’ve had my fair share of physical and mental health battles which has really helped me evaluate and adjust my crafting and spending habits, and has allowed me to discover new depths of how a creative lifestyle and habits can boost your wellbeing in so many ways.

I believe everyone can create. I believe that we should never fear being a beginner or starting something new, that making mistakes helps us learn. The unknown is what makes crafts and projects so much fun, and you can never get it wrong. We can grow, learn, and test new ideas and discover not only what is possible but what we enjoy!

What services do I offer?

I work both short term or single project as well as long term/regular commitment freelance opportunities with brands. I have done a lot of ghost (uncredited online) social media work in recent years, as well as named/credited work with companies. I have worked in multiple positions in all of the following and am happy to discuss additional possibilities and projects as well.

  • Content Creation in form of photography, long format (YouTube) video, short format (TikTok/Reel/Shorts) video
  • Education in form of tutorials, how-to/things to know content, blog posts, classes, and workshops
  • Social Media Management and Strategy
  • Community Leadership/Coordinating
  • Special Event Planning and Management
  • Design Team Management and Leadership, including content creator outreach programs and press mailings
  • Brand Ambassador/Content Creator featuring your product(s) on my channel/pages
  • Consulting (marketing, social media strategy, all around brand and product strategy, and more)

Strengths & Special Skills:

  • Product & Project photography and beauty shots, including video
  • Organization and ability to keep on time/be early with project flow
  • Honest, open, and always there to boost up the team and shout out great work and ideas from coworkers and collaborators
  • How-to computer knowledge as applies to working remotely. (Google Drive/Docs, Word, Excel, Basecamp, Slack, Trello, Asana, etc)
  • Knowledge/regular use of standard video & photo editing programs
  • Social Media (YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook)
  • Logistics & problem solving on projects
  • Assisting upper management with projects, keeping tasks on track and focused

Some links to short format videos I’ve created to great success:

Resin Pendant

Jesse James Beads – pendant

Archer & Olive Collab – packing supplies to journal on the go

Original Wrapping for Everyday Explorers

JJB – Tortured Poets Department inspired jewelry

Archer & Olive – Notes to myself

Here are a few additional samples of my craft work. I can be found in episodes 402, 408, and 412 of Make it Artsy PBS TV show, and I have filmed for Scrapbook.com online classes and much more.

Hand Embroidery in progress
Custom satchels hand + machine sewn for gifts
Mixed Media Maven – always mixing and matching ideas to get the project made!
No project too big or small – showgirl costume for charity fundraiser for a horse!
Simple home décor projects anyone can recreate and enjoy making!
Nothing more fun than costume work!
Cross stitching at the end of a stressful day is always relaxing
Needle & thread, sew by hand can be therapeutic and fun

A few highlights from my long and crafty career… 

  • Author of multiple crafting books, taught classes around the USA & online
  • Fiskars Founding Fiskateer
  • Current Brother Crafts & Sewing, Archer & Olive Brand Ambassador
  • Social Media Management and Content Creation for Jesse James Beads
  • Content Creator (past) for Everyday Explorers, Dress It Up Buttons, Buttons Galore, Scrapbook.com and more
  • Past Design Team Coordinator/online education: Simon Says Stamp, Fiskars
  • Guest on multiple craft TV shows
  • Guest on many craft podcasts

A few of my past on-line guest appearances:

Make it Artsy TV (PBS) guest (episodes 402, 408, 412 in current season)

Regular guest at shimelle.com (here is one example

DSG Podcast #28

Shimelle.com 2013 Guest (5-ways) , 2014 guest (no patterned paper)

Adventures in Arting (Balzer Designs) Podcast

Ali Edwards spring break 2012 guest. Play with Paste article

Paperclipping Roundtable guest
Episodes # 1022 , 24768592106120, 130138145152169178183190197211256

may.flaum@gmail.com for any questions or for additional samples