meet tex.

I got a new machine. Well – I got a fantastic deal on a (barely) used machine at the local sew shop and upgrading to this from Matilda (aka old machine)? BEST THING I EVER DID!! Well, at least this month. We’re in the ‘howdy ma’am nice to meet you’ phase of the relationship. I took a 3hr beginner course on using him, so now we’re playing with me getting better at my (sorry lack of) sewing skills.


I’m working on a wall hanging for Miss E. Mostly it’s to experiment with ideas and how-do-I? ‘s floating in my head.


There is very little swearing or delay involved. Tex makes things easier for me. MUCH easier. He aims to please.

So, why the name Tex?

The machine is a brother (therefore boy)

This machine is being so kind to me and easy to use I’m thinking he’s a southern gentleman.

My sister and I used to have brother ponies (as in my little), and mine was named Tex.

Thus, Tex was named.

Have a great day – I’m going to try and play some more. I have a lot of ideas I’m working on and I WILL share them all!!

the satin lined blankie

As I mentioned last week, I’m really working on my sewing skills. Not only is it helpful and productive, but it’s also fun, frustrating, and rewarding to work on a new type of crafting skill. My most recent project was this blanket. It should probably have taken 1-2hrs maximum, but it took me about 4 1/2 hours start-finish… and I still have 2 seams to rip and re-do. Ah well, a lot of good learning happened here!

Ok so first I layed out the fabrics (1 yard fleece + 1 yard care bares) on the dining room table. Then I measured the care bears since it was smaller and found (miracle of miracles!) that it is EXACTLY even. 36″ across all the way. I didn’t measure the fabric width because I figured there’s no human error there. And I’m the lazy sewer- remember?

So I put a bunch of pins in to hold stuff together flat and even, then trimmed off all the excess fleece.

(Note the ‘helper’ in background) Next I put the satin binding (ribbon?) around. Here’s where my simple project got  tricky on me. First off, I was THRILLED to discover this stuff is already folded in 1/2 so that when you put it around you don’t have to iron the seam yourself. It’s done! WOO HOO!

However, I hadn’t thought about what I was going to do about corners…

I inspected the girls blankets that they have, and found that the corners seem to be folded under to create a mitered seam look. I was pretty sure I could pull this off without too much trouble.

Except I wasn’t careful enough on measuring length of satin vs length of blanket. Ok. I didn’t measure at all. SOOOO… I ran out. I took a scrap and covered that icky spot, but lesson learned.

Blanket all pinned up and ready for machine. (gulp)

The machine part was HARD, and there are no photos as I was SOOO not in the mood because of issues. I try to never change the bobbin thread because it hates me. (really) So having to change out for pink thread sent me into panic mode. It was justified too- the bobbin thread was all crazy loose/not right after the 3rd side. Panic set in, I got out Matilda’s manual, and it took me 2 hours (no not kidding, stop laughing at me!!!) to get it right. Well… it still wasn’t just right so I switched to a zig-zag stitch and then I was fine to finish it up. PHEW! Oh, photo shows the corner (almost) finished. I’m cool with the folded corner like this.

I did two corners like this (how they are in my grandma’s quilts, actually) and I don’t like it as much. Not as easy somehow, and not as good looking I think. But I’m all about the learning and experimenting, that’s why I did it!

So there it is. All crumpled up and in full use. The blanket was intended for Rebecca but Elizabeth has taken a fancy to it (and care bears in general) so guess who uses it. I was only allowed to take a photo of it if SHE could arrange it, hence the crumpled up look.

Am I still a terrible sewer? Yes ma’am! Will I do another blanket? YES! But first I have some other projects in mind, and I need some interfacing (thanks for the tip Lisa!) before I start them. More adventures in crafting to come!