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Hey everyone, I’m working on SO MUCH over here and wanted to do a short check in from HQ. As for my wrist… “Quick recovery” makes me laugh at this point. Guys we are on month 9, and I still have restrictions (no bike riding, no weigh lifting, etc) and the coloring you see above is the best/most I’ve got right now. My arm strength is zero and my ability to hold a pen or otherwise do fine detail anything with my right hand sucks. But I am working on it. 3-5 minutes at a time. 2-3x a day.

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Speaking of many times a day – the Flaum canine squad is doing great! I wasn’t so sure it was going to work that first week, but things have really smoothed out! THANK YOU to SCDR for all the work they do helping Dachshunds find forever homes getting them medical care and for matching us up with Bandit. After a big application (I put it in general, wasn’t sure if/when they’d match us up!) and a phone interview they decided he was just the guy for us. LOVE when dog rescue groups go the extra mile to try and ensure that the dog will fit well with the family vs just having you say “oh that one looks cute!”

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When the dogs began sharing the office bed and like to walk bunched together I knew we were on the road to something good. Note – the kids only hold all three when we are posing for photos… not for regular walking. Only I am the master of walking the herd. ha!

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There have been challenges of course – a new dog is a lot like a new baby. Figuring out their needs, getting them on a schedule, etc. Mr. Bandit is too skinny and wasn’t eating very well – we got his kibble changed (and switched him to MANY tiny meals a day for now) and that’s working. A new dog especially a rescue with a past you don’t know and triggers you can’t understand is a challenge. But it’s oh so worth it, and I’m so very glad we could give this little dude a home.

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Oh yes, I’d say they’re one happy doggie family of pound puppies now… but I’m sure things will get crazy once again and soon. After all, school starts next week and we enter Miss E’s final year of elementary school!

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  1. Love the sentiment and the coloring, May.

    I didn’t realize Bandit was moving in permanently – I thought you were fostering him. That’s a lot of dogs! The photo of three of them sleeping cracks me up. Is Ranger just out of range or is he hanging off the edge of the bed? That has to be the happiest, luckiest bunch o’ hounds ever!

  2. May,

    I broke my wrist in 2004. The recovery was tough to say the least. i found one or two items that really helped with the process. The first was a wrist and thumb support called a “comfort Cool” the other was a finger-less glove set called “imak”. they both can be washed but not put into the dryer. These helped me to be able to craft again and slowly get back to it. The only thing that I had to give up was calligraphy in large batches. I used to do envelopes for bridal gifts and commissioned work sets me up for stress and so I just don’t do it any more. With time and patience (which i seldom have enough of) you will be 99% better soon.

    Hugs, Ami

    PS. I saw some lovely coloring books at Ellen Hutson yesterday that were printed on watercolor paper. What a delight.

  3. I think it’s wonderful that you adopted a rescue dog! He’s certainly very lucky–it shows. 🙂 I’m definitely not a dog person. We have 3 cats–one my mom rescued as a kitten several years ago, another we adopted after his “mom” died, and the youngest we got from a rescue group. The rescue group was more of the “oh, he’s cute” type–not like the one you got Bandit from. But I am so lucky to have him–he rescues me every day! 🙂 Thanks for the update, and I hope your wrist improves more soon. I’m sure you were ready for it to be well yesterday! ~ Andrea

  4. Your family of doggies is precious. Love that they are rescues and that you advocate for that. Thank you for taking them in and loving them. Thank you also for not giving up on them. You are wonderful. Also for being a proud Pitty owner – I am a fellow Pitty rescue owner (we have four) – and I love it when their true personalities are shown to the masses. So love all of your crafting card making posts all of the time also. They inspire me. Have a great day. Jude. 🙂

  5. You have such a beautiful family, with wonderful hearts, too. Isn’t it great that you found the perfect rescue place? So awesome. I’m sorry your recovery is moving so slowly. Wishing it to speed up for you! Michelle t

  6. That photo of all three four legged kids is so so cute! Rescue dogs are the best!
    And I”m so sorry to hear that your wrist is still so slow. You are amazing to be so patient with it.

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