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I’ve been real worried guys! You see, for many years I’ve used mini books created by scrapbook companies for my scrapbooks “on the go” – but all my favorites are no longer being made! Oh, sometimes you can find one, but they’re not something still being produced/new ones made. What’s a girl to do?


A few months back I received a notebook from Cocoa Daisy called a “Daisy Dori”. Each month they release a new one – full of beautifully decorated pages ready to rock a scrapbook on the go! I purchased a few more recently – but I also realized there’s a whole world of these “traveler’s notebooks” that I had no idea existed! Talk about exciting! Here’s a link to a YouTube video I created on the subject.

I mention my own personal rules for scrapbooking on the go – and I’ll recap them here:

  • Do a little bit of pre-embellishing if working with a plain
  • Severely limit what you bring. Just a pen and some tape will get it done, but a few stickers or washi tape strips might be nice to have along
  • Remember you can always add more when you’re back home


I’ve been keeping journals for years! What do I do with them? Sometimes I use them as reference for remembering where we went and what we enjoyed. Sometimes I use them to recall details for scrapbooking. Sometimes we just enjoy reliving memories and notes written while traveling.

I don’t worry about looking photo worthy or fancy – the wrting and details is what matters in here. Everyone traveling is welcome to add their thoughts as well! These little books take up no room, and I’m excited about having a cover that I can insert new books as old ones get filled up. I can’t tell you how fun it is to read the details of our travels that I would never have remembered otherwise.


Aside from the beautiful Cocoa Daisy “daisy dori” books (pictured above) the set-up I’m using is the official Midori Traveler’s Notebook. You could make these yourself, or purchase them ready to go! Below are some (affiliate) links to Amazon where I found mine.

leather cover
no lines
kraft (no lines)
lined notebook

And here’s a link to where the supply folio I use is from.

7 thoughts on “Traveler’s Notebook”

  1. I love this idea, think it’s neat, and convenient. What a great idea for vacation memories. When are you going to Hawaii? I’m sure it’s wonderful there. Anyway, it’s also a great idea for personal journaling, and a mini album too. Have an awesome trip. Michelle t

  2. Where did you get the little pouch for your pens and supplies? Great video- you have inspired me to start a travel journal for my next trip! Thanks so much!

  3. OMG – I can’t believe how perfect that one notebook is for AK!!! I had to pause the video to tell you that!
    It’s funny because I’ve heard people talk about midori traveller’s Notebooks but I didn’t really know what they were. And then last week I saw some in a Japanese department store we have, but I still didn’t really get the concept. Now I do and I think I need some too! Thanks! I think I’ll do this for my next trip. I always journal when I’m away and it’s more fun to have somewhere nice to write in! And I love the Webster’s pages pouch too!

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