looking back: Hotel page

Continuing my look back at my Disney albums, here’s a page from early 2009…

I loved this page then, and I love it now. The use of the hotel folder that held our keys (both a chunk ‘as-is’ and my stars that were punched from it), the stitched ribbon (I NEED to do that again!), the sequins and buttons, and the simple background. Yes, I LOVE this page.

Would I change a thing? Just one. I wouldn’t have drawn lines for my journaling I would have just written. Other than that, this page remains one of my all time favorite Disney designs for the bits and pieces, the magical feel, and the simplicity too. I like that I didn’t force a title – instead I let the hotel name be enough. Sometimes, I don’t need to ‘make’ titles. That’s a good reminder.

8 thoughts on “looking back: Hotel page”

  1. LOVE the stitched ribbon on this page! What a great effect! I have to try that!
    I have a ton of stuff saved from my vacations that I have yet to incorporate into my layouts.
    Thanks for the inspiration to bust out that box and create some memorable layouts!

  2. May, this is fabulous. Loved how you repeated the stars, and tied it together with layered bling, buttons and absolutely loved the stitched ribbon and yes, loved the idea of no title…… Great layout!

  3. I love this page, too…the story, the design, colors, simplicity. The temptation would be to keep embellishing, at least for me, but better this way. I love returning to pages and getting pleasure from the memory and the page itself. Double bonus!

  4. It’s awesome how wonderful those stars echo the stars in the photo on the far right! Thanks so much for sharing and for the thought that not every page needs a title!

  5. I love the page too! AND your baby girl is so cute, reminds me of my baby girl at the same age….. And she just turned into a beautiful 23 yr old! Ty for the memories May 🙂

  6. It’s funny because I really like the drawn journaling lines! Love those pics – Miss B looks so tiny!

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