2010 in Hardback

1 year ago, after giving away a stack of hardback books I made myself a promise. I’d only buy books hardcover if they were ‘can’t live without for another minute’, and I had a maximum of six for the year. In 2009 I bought the two Janet Evanovich Plum Novels (Wish I had waited for paperback, sigh); Sophia Kinsella’s 20’s girl (AWESOME), Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol (FANTASTIC), and that’s it. It was good for my budget, and in 2010 there are a number of books that will be released paperback (and much more budget-friendly) that are on my wish list. That’s exciting, but what’s even more cool is the hardbacks I see coming in the next few months…

I found this today – it’s labeled as young adult, but I think all us SATC fans will love it regardless of age.

This writing duo wrote Agnes & The Hitman (one of my fave re-reads) – so it’s most likely a MUST on my purchase list.

Marian Keyes is a favorite – and while I put her last book on my ‘wait for paperback’ I’m not sure I’ll do the same this time.

So there are three books coming in 2010 that I’m watching. I’m still holding myself to the ‘no more than 6 hardbacks’ rule – that really helped me be more selective and careful in my pics. What are you watching for? TV? Movies? {Books always come first for stories/entertainment in my room.}

7 thoughts on “2010 in Hardback”

  1. I haven’t read a book in a good while… must get to the library. I’ve pretty much stopped buying “reading” books. I read fast and rarely pick any up to read a second time. Used to buy way too many books and storage starts to get to be an issue…and then I end up giving them away, which is nice but it’s more economical for me to borrow from the library.

    Thanks for the list !

  2. Hopefully that means I’ll be looking forward to “Wild Ride” in 2011. I never buy hardbacks because I don’t keep them and, good as they may be, I know I’ll enjoy them just as much at the cheaper price. I’m glad you mentioned “The Carrie Diaries” as I might have missed it on the young adult list; SATC remains one of my favourite TV shows so I’ll be sure to read this.
    One of my intentions for 2010 is to get a library card – I can’t remember the last time I had one.

  3. I am waiting on a new release from Dorthea Benton Frank! I so love her books and she is supposed to have a new one out this year! Love to read and relax! Sounds like I need to check out some you have poted! Thanks!!

  4. Just learned about a second hand book store in Sacramento. Thinking of taking in my paperbacks and picking up a few “new” to me. That will really save some money. I’m like you though – if I really want it it’s new and if I really REALLY want it it’s hard cover!

  5. I’ve read “brightest star” and LOVED it! Really, really interesting idea for a story and written so beautifully … you just might have to buy the hardback!

  6. i LOVE Jennifer Crusie!! and i’ve read one of her’s with that Bob guy and really liked it!! thanks for turning me on to another of their books!! its fluff, but fun fluff!! happy new year May!

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