Social Media Services

Social media has become an incredibly powerful tool for the horse industry not only to stay connected to long distance friends and colleagues, but to attract new clients, generate sales, and keep your existing clients engaged and committed to your services. Simply having a Facebook page or website isn’t enough, it must be updated and maintained to reflect your current offerings, success, and to give potential new clients a clear view of the kind of experience that you offer and business that you run.

Cultivating and maintaining an online presence that is current, reflects your image and goals, and shares a peek both behind the scenes and at your final product/successes is one tool to really help your business grow and shine. With such a powerful and easily accessible tool to help your business at your disposal, why not harness and maximize the potential?

Planning out and creating unique social media content and managing a schedule is a personal specialty of mine, and I am pleased to offer a range of services that we can customize to your needs including but not limited to:

  • On-site visits to film (video and photo) content, discuss content schedule, film sale videos/photos, etc.
  • Content and brand image planning and customized schedule unique to you, including but not limited to updating show/event calendar, custom client updates, and more.
  • Provide high resolution copies of all video and photos – with no restrictions on future use or copyright watermark.
  • Create simple themed graphics for special posts to social media (ex: holiday, congratulations, sale, special, etc)
  • Assistance managing social media channel(s), including responding to general questions, comments, scheduling weekly posts, and updating the page to reflect current information
  • Email creation of monthly/regular newsletter to client/newsletter list desired
  • Creating and/or managing blog or website to include updated information
  •  Managing email replies and acting as barn/business secretary or office manager
  • Creating guides, newsletters, fliers, other materials for client use

… and so much more!

From light assistance creating Facebook content and sale videos to a more robust plan with more hands on management to free your time to do your work we have total flexibility to create a partnership that works to help highlight and shine a social media light on the work you do!  

Please feel free to contact me to set up a consultation so we can talk about your business, needs, and see how we can work together to help your business thrive and your hard work shine.

About me…

My name is May Flaum, and I love horses! Pictured above is me at my very first horse show, above my Little Town AQHA mare Quiet Village. In 1988 my family moved into a home next door to Dick & Sybil Hardy and my life, as they say, was never the same. The lessons I learned in horsemanship, hard work, and dedication as well as the kindness of those unforgettable legends will never be forgotten. For well over a decade I rode horses, cleaned tack, helped prep horses for show, and rode my own horses and showed AQHA all around events as well. As a teen and into my early 20s I worked at the local saddle shop (Santa Rosa Saddlery) for years learning from Nancie Benson the art of quality equipment as well as assisting in some of the buying, marketing, and other aspects of her successful business. From cleaning stalls to winning blue ribbons – I enjoyed every minute of the work and every day spent with horses and horse people.

For the past 17 years I’ve enjoyed life in Vacaville, CA where I work from home in the crafts industry- inventing my own career as I’ve gone along! I’ve written books on Scrapbooking, taught classes online and around the United States on various forms of paper crafting, worked in content creation and online education management for large companies, been a brand ambassador for craft companies, and more! All of this experience working in such a visual industry has helped me grow my skills, knowledge, and experience in photography, video editing, basic Photoshop edits, and so much more. I am thrilled to bring these skills back to my original passion: horses!

My two show pony unicorns: daughters Rebecca and Elizabeth!

I share my life with husband and all around supportive partner and (in my opinion) the best Fire Captain around. We have two beautiful daughters, three adopted dogs, and enjoy traveling together, camping, cooking, and generally enjoying life every day. That’s just a little bit about me – thanks for reading!