Craft With May no rules, just happy crafting Tue, 12 Dec 2017 20:55:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Iron-on to customize your gifts with the ScanNCut Tue, 12 Dec 2017 20:54:23 +0000 When it comes to customizing things – the ScanNCut is my best friend!

disclaimer- I am a paid consultant for Brother, but all ideas and opinions shared by me are always my own.

Around this time of year I really love to add details to my projects and one of my favorite things to do any day of the year is adding Brother’s glitter iron-on material to things!

The process is always simple:

  • pick your design(s), turn any text backwards, and cut using ScanNCut
  • either weed out or simply remove the material from carrier sheet (depending on intricacy of design)
  • heat fabric with iron, place design(s), place fabric over, then iron until set

Seriously easy – and fun on everything from towels like this to tote bags to Tshirts! I made a quick YouTube video to show the process as well.

While my towel is going to be more as a hand towel – not for heavy duty scrubbing – you can find a lot of uses for glitter-ified stuff!

I am going to be gifting this to a friend along with some other dog themed goodies – what fun stuff have you been making to gift this year? I’d love to hear about your projects!

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Noel: A stamped watercolor card Fri, 08 Dec 2017 20:32:50 +0000 Happy Holidays! I was looking around at stamps and realized I have a scene stamp that a) would look great watercolored and b) would be a breeze with my ScanNCut!

The holidays are always a busy time but I find it is important to carve little bits of time to create. Over the next week I’ll be sharing all kinds of projects & ideas that I am doing here! I hope they inspire you.

This process for this particular project is:

  1. Stamp in archival ink on watercolor paper
  2. Scan into ScanNCut, verify the pattern, and cut out. I selected a .12 border
  3. Color the stamp as desired, and add any glitter glue, glossy medium, etc
  4. Assemble a card, and add a sentiment!

It truly is that easy! I had so much fun making this and I’m excited to mail it off now. Here is a video tutorial if you’d like a closer look at the ScanNCut part of the process.

the usual disclaimer here – I do work with Brother (a job I LOVE!) as a paid consultant, but all ideas & opinions about the awesome ScanNCut are 100% my own at all times.

I’m off to spend the weekend gift wrapping, adding crafty touches, and prepping for a party with friends… what are you up to?

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Project overload: where do you begin? Tue, 05 Dec 2017 01:58:33 +0000 I know it happens to the best of us- project OVERLOAD. It can take a few different forms, and of course there is more than one way to handle it. Today I want to share where I’m at, and what I’m doing to combat it!

The first thing is this: I will ALWAYS AND FOREVER have more that I want from a day than is physically possible. I will never be bored or wish I had something to do.

That said – it is entirely possible, plausible, and likely I will have times that I can’t pick! Too many options! So I scroll through some blogs or read a magazine… not helpful! The first thing I admit to myself when I find myself in a “so much to do I’m doing nothing” type situation is to assess if there’s anything I can do that will “get it off my plate”. For example:

  • write & mail holiday cards
  • wrap up open blog post drafts/schedule content that is already on computer
  • organize photos that I’ve already printed
  • put loose scrapbook pages into albums

Nothing too wild – just “clear the deck” things. I’ve also moved all remaining studio mess to ONE big scary pile. I can chip away at it from there instead of seeing small piles all over two rooms. Much better!

My current project list includes:

  • Disneyland 2015
  • Disney World 2016
  • 2016 scrapbook
  • 2017 scrapbook
  • NYC 2017
  • Museum of Ice Cream mini book (and class!)
  • Journaling (free class!)
  • Planning Guides for Europe 2018

From here I could keep going but it gets into wish lists, and if only I had more time things. My point is if I sit down and list it all out? *GULP* there is a LOT of open projects in this studio of mine and I will be honest I do NOT like it. Most of the things above I could simply carve time out for them and sit down and “do” a little more. With these all listed and my mind on how to approach things what is next?

Next for me will be to pick just ONE of them, put it on my desk, and focus on it exclusively. I don’t have illusions that I’ll ever be caught up or a rival to Mary Poppins (practically perfect in every way) – but I do know for my creativity and mental state that I run better without quite so many open “tabs” or projects. So I think NYC will be the first since all it needs are words + any embellishments. I can do this in small bits of time, and it’ll be fun to revisit and I think within a week it could be 100% done.

I’m also going to treat myself – I can make a new supply purchase every time one of these projects is done. No trips to the scrapbook store or online shopping until one is all set and done.

The other thing I will do is eat really well and get all the sleep I want. Water. Veggies. Protein. Fun stuff in strict moderation. While I convince myself at times creativity requires sugar… the thing is I will both bloat up and later crash! I also know taking care of me today is best for the long run. I’ve been making what we call “big cool” salads as well as eliminating a lot of junk or bad habits that were sneaking up.

I will share some ideas & good habits I’ve been building soon (yes, during the holiday season. YES IT CAN BE DONE!) – for now though I’d love to hear how you motivate yourself to complete projects, or what you do when you face “project overwhelm”. Please do share!

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Merry Christmas Banner Project Wed, 29 Nov 2017 08:02:22 +0000

As you may know I work with Brother specifically as a Brand Ambassador for the ScanNCut. I share my own ideas & opinions and one opinion I have right now is that they go way above and beyond with the free cut files on Canvas. This platform for editing & doing some functions for ScanNCut is FREE – and while there are some “extra cost” things such as premium files (Disney, rhinestone function, etc) there is a lot free stuff as well!

I created a quick YouTube video to show the how-to for this fun banner.


I used gold textured paper – you could use anything! I’m thinking about doing another in white and painting or inking the letters various colors. I just love that these cut files speed up the “what should I do…” and let me get right to the creative play and assembly!

When it comes to décor I’m finding hooks with temporary adhesive + banners are my favorite way to get big décor bang for minimal cost. All I need is some paper, string, and my ScanNCut! I’ve got more ideas so stay tuned – things are getting merry here in my house!

I will be sure to keep sharing my ideas and I invite you to share your ideas with me. How are you decorating this year?

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Museum of Ice Cream SF: celebrating fun Mon, 27 Nov 2017 08:59:51 +0000

This last week the girls and I got the chance to head into San Francisco and check out the Museum of Ice Cream. I knew there would be a lot of pink, and it would probably be fun… but that was about it. When we first entered a very perky guide started talking about team names and how we’d go through this experience with others and man that made me nervous. Turns out – no worries. It’s totally self-paced, do as you like, and oh – a whole lot of fun.

The way it is set up, you go through as you please and can enjoy each display, each treat, and each bit of artistry however long you please. Very small groups are admitted at a time, so that means you don’t have crowds or anything. Lovely!

I will be honest this space is entirely ridiculous and I mean that with the highest praise. Part Wonka, part unicorn, 100% fun all the time. It was an absolutely ideal way to spend a morning and to end what has been a few months of nonstop work!

We sampled everything from mochi to cotton candy – the sugar was such a fun addition to all of the art and detail of this space. I couldn’t get over how cool it is that someone invented this. Someone took a wild idea and simply made it happen! It reminds me that creativity rocks, and that it comes in many MANY wonderful forms.

I took so many photos that I’m thinking about a special photo project with interactive elements and techniques. This project will become a mini-class so stay tuned. I can’t wait to get creative in my own way inspired by the Museum of Ice Cream.

For more information about MOIC, you can visit their website. If you get the chance to experience it I strongly recommend it. It was pure silly fun and a highlight of our “break” week. Now here comes Monday and we’re all back to school and work – but we’ll not soon forget the time spent in the pink sugary world that was the Museum of Ice Cream.

]]> 2 12 days of Christmas fun! Fri, 24 Nov 2017 08:01:20 +0000 You know what I enjoy? Gift with purchase. It’s just fun to get a little something extra! My friends at are having a cool 12 days of Christmas event. They sent me one of these dies to show/share with you just how cool it is, and please do note that affiliate links are used in this post. Let’s get crafty!

Starting this morning (for the next 3 days/while supplies last) you can get a Tonic Dot & Drop Die! Why is this cool? I’m obsessed with the tiny dots and all the possibilities! Find out all of the information on how to get one of your own here. 

I created this fun watercolor card to show you just one possibility. I think this would be fun layered with stamps, on a pocket page or scrapbook layout, and so much more! Here is a short YouTube video showing this die in action and how easily this project came together.

It really is super fun to have those dots showing me just where to add my Nuvo accents. Makes it easy – but a lot of fun too! My girls are already crafting up a storm with them and enjoying the guidance of where to add their glittery (or not so glittery) drops.

To get shopping, read up on all the details (one per customer, while supplies last, etc), and claim your freebie with order visit here. Be sure to add it to your cart – and enjoy a little “for you” shopping while you’re at it! Remember these goodies are limited time AND there are more coming through December 12th. What else will be coming? Can’t say – but this is my favorite so far!! Love those flowers and drop dots!

Now that I’ve enabled you with some crafty fun – I’ll be decorating the house for the holidays. I wish you all the best for a lovely weekend.

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Aloha marbled journal cover with ScanNCut Wed, 22 Nov 2017 08:01:39 +0000 As the days shorten and get colder I can’t help but think of tropical fun! Today I’ve got a super bright and cheery tutorial – this project is easy! You can apply this idea to many project types as well. I have really fallen in love with using my ScanNCut to make my own custom stencils! It is super easy (just cut stencil material vs paper!) and lets me add my own twist to any project.

To start with, you’ll cut out a design using the ScanNCut. Use an in-machine pattern or scan in your clip art as I did here. Cut it out (Brother sells stencil material!) of stencil material and set it onto your journal cover. Note that I wouldn’t recommend leaving it overnight – it is adhesive backed and mine stuck a bit (my OWN fault!) now it isn’t very sticky – but it’s sticky enough that when I went to remove it I had to pull just a little too much. NO problem – just something to avoid!

Here is my tutorial video- since I have plenty of videos showing how to cut out with the ScanNCut I focused just on the making of the journal. What I have discovered in this technique of stencil application is that it creates a marvelous marbled effect!


If you’ve seen the videos of marble-like painting this could be a great substitute for a lot less mess and waste. I will share another example of this next month – it’s so addictive!

I just love how simple this is and that it needs no further embellishing. The orange, pink, and coral colors blend so nicely and I love the stencil material from Brother for projects like this. It sticks – but isn’t TOO sticky so it means you don’t get paint slipping underneath – and it really is fun to make custom stencils.

Oh yes- and the usual disclaimer here I am a paid consultant for Brother, but all ideas and opinions are my own. The ScanNCut

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May’s crafty gift list 2017 Mon, 20 Nov 2017 08:48:35 +0000 I’m trying to gift more crafty things this year – and support lovely creative companies! Now a few people (my husband, for example) will really not be getting a craft gift. But many others can and will! A PenGem for my mother in law, a lovely new Traveler’s notebook or Composition cover for my friend, and so on! Today in this blog post I wanted to share a few of my favorite small businesses as well as specific craft companies to shop from this time of year! Note that no company asked me to post this, nor do any of them know I’m doing it. Some links are affiliate links (thank you in advance for your support!) These are simply favorite crafty giftables this year…

This prima notebook is so chic – I think it would make a great gift for just about anyone.

Spellbinders Platinum 6 machine + exclusive dies bundle from is a really special gift – one I’d think about getting  for myself if I didn’t already have one!

Websters Pages composition size planner/cover is something I am going to be gifting myself and others- love these!

American Crafts sticker books are an obsession here. I’ll need to get a few of these for some friends no doubt.

Is your friend a stamp lover? Can’t get better than a gift certificate to Ellen Hutson!

What about fancy pens? Always fun – and PenGems absolutely rules in both fast shipping and quality sparkly pens.

Looking for something unusual or new for your crafty or stationary loving friend? A few small business gals I love, support, and shop from regularly include Shop VillabeauTifful, Create with Rebecca, and Simply Gilded.

Of course some 28 Lilac Lane is always a good gift idea! Watch Buttons Galore for some deals as well – I hear there may be good discounts for Black Friday…

I’d love to hear your crafty favorites and best picks. Please do share whether it’s your own wish list or things you’re gifting this year.

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Cinderella Bookmark Fri, 17 Nov 2017 08:36:55 +0000 It’s no secret that I LOVE these new Disney cut files from Brother ScanNCut! Available now through Brother dealers (you can search online for a local one and/or one who will take an online or phone order) – they’re just a blast. I especially am loving the bookmark files. There are two parts – you can cut them out of the same paper or I cut out of different papers so I could play with inks and fun techniques!

This really is quick & easy – perfect to tuck into a book to gift the princess in your life! Here is my YouTube tutorial. 

I used watercolor, ink, glossy gel, and just had such fun. I am thinking about doing a vinyl sticker of the parts of Cinderella that are ‘cut out’ – I’ll be sure to share the results if it works out as I hope!

Thanks for checking this project out – stay tuned for more! As always I do share with you that I am a paid consultant for Brother, but all ideas and opinions shared here are my own. Thanks for checking out my project and tuning in!

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One hand: card making Wed, 15 Nov 2017 08:01:51 +0000 A friend of mine broke her hand – and it made me reflect on not just how glad I am that my own wrist injury is (pretty much) healed and that I am back to normal (minus a lot of exercises I used to do but can’t now). I’m still rebuilding and strengthening – and will be for years to be honest. But it reminded me how panicked I got at idea of not being able to craft.


Good news? You CAN craft! So it might look or feel different than normal – but there are things you can do. I created this YouTube tutorial to share with you one idea I just got – and that I was able to complete mostly left handed too (right being my dominant hand).

As a recap of the how-to: 

  1. Start with watercolor paper (die cut or a square/rectangle shape for background!) and color (ANY water reactive medium in ANY combination will do!)
  2. Glue to card front- I used 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 folded card
  3. Stamp a sentiment or add a word sticker – if stamping I’d recommend archival ink
  4. Add sequins/buttons/beads
  5. Finish with glitter glue

I just adore how this turned out – and I hope you liked the video! If you have craft techniques or projects that are good for those with grip or hand usage issues please DO share! The one thing that was so great during my injured time was support from others who have hand/mobility/physical limitations and ideas. So it is my hope to continue to share “one handed friendly” ideas as I come up with them!

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