Craft With May no rules, just happy crafting Sat, 22 Aug 2015 15:44:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 More ideas than time. Sat, 22 Aug 2015 09:01:04 +0000 It’s just a fact that I have come to accept. I will always have FAR more ideas than I will have hours in the day! So how do I pick? Well there are several factors.

DSC_5148 copy

  1. What am I feeling most passionate about? This is always at the top.
  2. What can I break down into small (5-10m) sessions? Projects that are easily started + stopped without a lot of fuss are favorites.
  3. What sounds fun?
  4. What will have a big impact and make me feel like I’ve really accomplished something?
  5. Can I make it with supplies I have on hand?

Another factor, which of course bumps it to the top of the list would be if there is a deadline, or if someone else is needing me to create the project for some reason (birthday, promised, etc).

Above you see ribbons I went out and got to create a banner/flag for fall. I’ve been wanting to do one of these for a LONG time but it takes SOOO much ribbon that I’ve been waiting for a mega sale since I don’t have whole spools/loads of yardage here. And yet another factor – if I go out and buy supplies for something I want to do I have to make sure and actually do it!

way easier said than done!

Stay tuned here for plenty of seasonal crafting as I try to fill my home with more homemade touches this fall, and yes I will share the tutorials, details, and photos with you here and on my YouTube channel.


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Iron-on sparkle with the ScanNCut Fri, 21 Aug 2015 15:55:17 +0000 iron

I am super excited about this. Like… too excited. Iron-on hologaphic and glitter paper that is super easy to use with my ScanNCut machine. I wish I’d started using this earlier! I created a video tutorial – so quick and easy and no sewing machine needed!  link to YouTube

Miss Elizabeth walked in as I was making this Tshirt and she claimed it! Love that! She’s off to school in it…

DSC_5347 copy

Now I’m imagining possibilities for birthday shirts, maybe a table runner accent… so much I can glitter up in a new (mess-free!) way… and you know how I love mess free sparkle!

DSC_5339 copy

Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for Brother International Corporation and have received a ScanNCut from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and based on my use of the product.

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May’s Tips: Disney Cruise Line Thu, 20 Aug 2015 09:19:31 +0000 New series alert: by popular request from my Vacation album class I’m compiling my top tips/tricks/etc. for Disney and beyond, and will be doing a series of posts. This was the easiest one (haha) therefore it comes first…


We aren’t cruise people (or so we thought) – and last year when we took our first cruise we realized we were right. Ah, but while we are not into cruises in general we have found that we are most definitely Disney Cruise people. From the arrival experience to the impeccable service to the shows to the private island – we adored our Disney Cruise experience.  Today I will share my tips from that experience.

Booking your cruise

If you have a travel agent you normally use, great! If you don’t then I recommend calling Disney directly after familiarizing yourself via their website to book the cruise you want. The agent will take you through the simple process, and help you decide on the right room, deck, and details just for you. We booked deck #7 (smack in the middle of this ship both on our floor, and height wise) and it was perfection. Walkable in all directions, a quiet “rooms only” floor, and we loved it.

cruise (40)

Don’t Miss Out!

There actually wasn’t much at all to research ahead of time – which made me nuts! Oh, you can read Disney blogs and travel blogs and get trip recaps… but really there isn’t any one great resource I recommend outside of reading through your official Disney Cruise stuff. The #1 tip I got and it was absolutely true was to read the Navigator and any daily reports/papers/etc. that are handed to you. Things like “at noon on departure day you can book a time to visit with princesses” or when a new movie is showing or there is a party or… well it’s ALL in there. So read up ASAP!

cruise (150)

Speaking of not missing out, there are three things we did that I 100% recommend:

  • Did the check in/excursions at the very moment I first possibly  could (about two months prior to sailing)
  • Took the early dining time
  • Took the very earliest check-in time available (about 10am)

The early check in gave me the most options. I marked it on my calendar and was ready at the computer – it was worth it! All the extras (excursions, adult dining, spa, etc.) become available at that time and you guys it’s first come, first serve!  We also really liked being done eating around 7, and having a bit of wander around time before an evening activity. As for check in… well when you arrive to an EMPTY cruise ship terminal and you’re the very first person being waved in and greeted by a happy cast? That’s cool. Also, being first in meant we had the kids registered for kid’s club, all the info we needed, and the chance to sit and chat about the activities laid out before us in the day’s guide BEFORE the boarding began. We were way ahead of the crowd – and about the 30th family to board!


Favorites on the ship:

  • The food is amazing – really quality the sit-down restaurants are worth relaxing for! We are people who love a quality meal – and we were impressed. Don’t fill up on chicken fingers or hot dogs. Enjoy the amazing 3-course meal for dinner!
  • Kids club: FULL of fun activities just for the kiddos. Ours LOVED their time on their own and all the parties/fun that could be had
  • Adult only lounges: QUIET places to chill, enjoy a cocktail, or have conversations without little ones around. I found them to be really quiet earlier in the evening and an absolute blessing when I was overwhelmed by being trapped on the ocean with so many people!
  • “In theaters” movies! If it’s in the theater, it’s on the ship! We enjoyed Big Hero Six the day it came out – super cool.
  • Pirate night! We all enjoyed the fireworks (but the pre-show was way cheesy – ah well!) and we loved the post-show buffet full of treats.
  • Aqua Duck! Get in that float and wheeee on the amazing ride/slide/coaster that will have you flying around the ship!


Our cruise took us to Castaway Cay – Disney’s private island! It was, in a word, amazing. FULL of umbrellas everywhere for shady seating (or sun, if you wished) and plenty of space. Here are my top notes from that experience:

  • There is a 5k you can run! Just sign up (info in your daily navigator!) and win a medal!
  • Stingray experience is feeding and then snorkeling with their stingrays – it was awesome!
  • The big ‘you’ve got to swim to it to go down’ slide? SO FUN.
  • Get off that boat early, go play and have fun, then head back early because there won’t be much of a line for the on-boat water ride!


We decided to just pick and choose – we went to two of the three shows, we just met characters if there was no line, etc… and that worked well to make our time relaxing vs super scheduled. It isn’t a cheap trip by any means – but the short cruise really was a good experience for us and everything so clean, everything at such a high standard of excellence – we really had a blast and hope to replicate the experience again in a few years.


My final tip is that if you do it – no matter where your destination – do like us. Wear bathing suits under clothes when you board (first!), go grab lunch at the yummy buffet, sign up for that princess meet if you want it, and get on the Aqua Duck! My girls rode that thing 8, 10, maybe 15 times with NO line those first few precious hours that people were just barely boarding and checking out the ship. They only got to ride it 3times the whole rest of the time because it was soooo busy and often an hour long wait!

dc2 copy

I’ll be back in the future with posts about other vacation destinations. In the meantime if you have any Disney Cruise questions I’d be happy to answer what I can! Just leave a comment here…

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Celebrate: Balloon layering card tutorial Wed, 19 Aug 2015 08:00:22 +0000 DSC_5044

I have been playing around with how to (QUICKLY) layer and build a bouquet… so when the new Simon Says Stamp September card kit (affiliate link) got here, I saw the balloon stamps and thought that would be a perfect way to test/play more with my distress ink method! Basically, you want to distress ink stamp then clear emboss your top layer, then repeat for as many layers as you have.

Not quite following? NO problem! I’ve created a video to share the process:

link to YouTube

Love how this one turned out – and I’m going to get back to building flower bouquets this way! You can bet I’ll share a project once finished. Speaking of finished, here’s my card-


I really like that this stamp set came with outline + filled in balloons. Such fun!

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ScanNCut Canvas: Converting an SVG file Tue, 18 Aug 2015 09:00:10 +0000 DSC_5252

Hey guys! So you know I do all kinds of things with my ScanNCut from using the built-in designs to doodling my own. One thing I have only done once or twice is to buy an .svg file and use that. Oh, but you can! So today I want to show you how quick and easy that is.

Brother has a (free) site known as ScanNCut Canvas where you can convert any .svg file to a file that can be read and cut by the ScanNCut machine. First you log in and this screen pops up:


For today, we’ll click the “new project” at the top left and then click “import SVG” I never have to remember which button because SVG is right there on the screen.

4 copy

Next up? Import whatever file it is you’re wanting to convert.


Bam! There is my design. It re-sized automatically it because the original file was bigger than 12″ – great!


This file by Ashley Horton is perfection as-is so I am ready to save no edits needed. I will leave it this big – I can always size it down when cutting on the machine! So to save just click that big download button. You don’t have to remember this part – it’s all listed right there which I LOVE because I am never good at remembering tech stuff. Basically you just “save target as” and make sure you’ve got a USB drive in the computer so you can then name and save the file.


Then just take your USB drive and you can insert that into your ScanNCut! I don’t have any other .svg to convert, but if I had a number of those I think I’d do some in batches and have them ready to cut on my USB drive. The process took less than 2 minutes – super easy and I am glad because I am easy or not at all on this kind of thing!

DSC_5258 copy

Here’s the card I made after cutting out the design (much smaller than saved version – about 4×6) watercolored and layered with a funky hi. So many possibilities… what shall I create  next?

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Citrus with a Twist Mon, 17 Aug 2015 04:00:36 +0000 DSC_4385

This week’s challenge was citrus – so I grabbed my orange, yellow, and of course “twisted citron” distress. I sprayed my tag down, then added paste and misted again! Loving the texture I got here in the background.


Then for my bird it was all about the watercolor paper and fluid colors (same with leaves)  and what a good time I had getting crazy with a color palette I don’t normally use. Now I’m hungry for a good orange, tangerine, or maybe some lemon lime soda!

DSC_4378 copy

Supplies Used:



Now it is your turn! Simon is offering a generous $50 voucher that will be randomly drawn from the eligible entries each week. Join the fun by creating a project this week – and for your chance to win a $50 voucher you should hop on over and join in the challenge here.

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ScanNCut Back to School Sweepstakes! Sun, 16 Aug 2015 14:51:39 +0000 Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for Brother International Corporation and have received a ScanNCut from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and based on my use of the product.


If you wanna win a ScanNCut… this would be a good time to head on over here for all the details!  That thanks card in the photo above might look familiar – because it’s one of mine! You can view the original blog post I did with full video tutorial here.

Want more?


I also have a brand new tutorial up for the Brother ScanNCut site! (downloadable how-to here, and you can watch the video on their site or on YouTube here!) This apple might be my favorite – I so need to do more with wood veneer paper!

In fact since we’re chatting just a good thing to note they have LOADS (many by yours truly) of project tutorials, downloadable instructions, and videos on the ScanNCut site. I’m here in the studio today finishing up some tutorials to share with you featuring the ScanNCut – so stay tuned!


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Freaky (Friday) Scrappy… Fri, 14 Aug 2015 14:40:20 +0000 dog

I am ready for fall + Halloween. Scrappy isn’t so sure.

Thanks for all the studio feedback – with any luck I’ll have a video + post for you guys next week!

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First day of school teacher cards Thu, 13 Aug 2015 08:00:31 +0000 First of all pause: How am I the mom to a 3rd and 5th grader?! I really don’t know how time went and flew so fast…


More than once I’ve thought to myself that I ought to drop a hello note introducing myself and thanking (in advance) the teachers on the first day. Thing is… I always think this thought oh as I’m driving home after the first day.

No more! So on the final day of summer break I sat down with a “hello” stamp (old one from Elle’s Studio) and played for a while.


The cards you see here are the 4th and 5th attempt. #1-3 were bombs! That’s ok! I was trying a few different things and I’m always happy to do tests and trials with new ideas most especially.

card1_blog copy

But wait, there’s more! I created a tutorial so if you’d like to watch my process here you go! (link to YouTube)

Now, off to school and to drop these cards!


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Layered gift wrap for baby Wed, 12 Aug 2015 15:41:40 +0000 baby2
Kraft wrapping paper + doily + trim + bits and pieces = quick, easy, and lovely wrap. Every time!
I used a bunch of random stuff including clear shapes (Heidi Swapp), paper bits, and a bag ‘o buttons (link to in pastel shades.
I love how this little gift looks and I am sure mama will enjoy not just the wrapping, but the gift inside as well.

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