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National Craft Month is always a favorite time for me – why wouldn’t it be? As a part of this month I am hosting a giveaway of some of my favorite ScanNCut cut file designs. Both Disney, and both Tattered Lace collections- read on for details. Thank you so much to Brother for sponsoring this generous give-away!

As I always disclose – I am a paid consultant for Brother. The ScanNCut is a machine I regularly use, love, and totally recommend – all ideas and opinions shared here are always my own.

Today I am making a canvas project to hang in my studio featuring the Tattered Lace collection. I keep this collection on a USB drive so any time I want to utilize it, I just insert that into my ScanNCut.

Once the pattern I want is loaded, insert the universal pen holder and a watercolor pen to draw the design in a pale color on watercolor paper.

This is one of my favorite techniques! Once the ScanNCut has done the hard part, I get out my watercolors and pens, and get to work!

I like to add a bit of water, then spread it around a lot – or just a little. Play with this and just see what looks you enjoy.

Once dry, feel free to go back through and layer on more color.

Once you are happy with the look, and the paper is dry, place it back on a standard ScanNCut mat and insert into the machine. From here, you’ll want to select a pattern (I picked a basic oval), then press the scan button so that your mat gets scanned and you can see where your floral pattern is.

Then in the edit screen, resize your shape as needed and cut it out! I absolutely love this because it lets me see what size, shape, and design will look best for the colored image.

Now that this is cut out, it’s assemble time! I layered onto torn cardstock (and onto a canvas), then got out my liquid adhesive and embellishments and got to work.

Letter stickers, sequins, buttons, dots of mist, and even word stickers – just arrange and glue as you’d like!

Now that this project is complete, it will hang in my studio. I’m so happy with it – and love all the positive messages it has on it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and project!  Looking for project videos? I have a playlist with over 100 ScanNCut videos which you can find on my YouTube channel here.

Would you like the chance to win both Tattered Lace collections and both Disney ScanNCut collections? Here are the rules: this is a give-away open to those in the continental USA and a winner will be drawn on the 25th and notified via email.

For your chance to win, leave a comment on this blog post between March 18th-March 24th 2018. To recap, the prize: Tattered Lace Collection 1, Tattered Lace Collection 2, Disney Collection 1, Disney Collection 2 (MSRP: $159.96). The winner will be drawn using a random number generator. Good luck to everyone – and thank you again to Brother for providing the generous prize!

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Craft Fail: Why it’s my favorite! Fri, 16 Mar 2018 07:37:30 +0000 Today I want to remind you of something important: if you craft, you will have craft failures.

Maybe it’s a silly thing to say – but it is true! You can’t win them all, and all ideas you have won’t be your favorites. I actually LOVE when I have craft fails and today I want to explain why, and encourage you to test and play more – rely on old standards a little less. 

When I am creating and know exactly what I’m doing – for example the easy/quick cards from earlier this week (post) – there is no possibility of failure. It’s set up so that it’ll be simple, easy, and a craft win. I love these times for when I’m feeling unsure, stuck, or just need a boost mentally. That said – it will also get boring if I never try new ideas or crazy concepts.

So, I give it a go. And sometimes, it fails. There are a lot of reasons for the failure. Sometimes it is bad execution. Sometimes I didn’t think something through. Sometimes it just does not work. But here’s why I love it: It pushes what I know. It sparks new ideas.

I learn more from the failures because if this didn’t work – then my mind will come up with something new or an approach to try next. I always say creativity is like a muscle- if you’re not exercising it, it’s not growing or flourishing!

So it will happen that some days I don’t like what I make, or some ideas are more successful than others. Instead of getting mad at myself for “failing” instead I see it as a new idea tried.  I went several months without any real fails and I realized that was because I wasn’t testing new boundaries or ideas! So back to the art journal, back to more play, and embracing the results whatever that may be.

Sometimes those tests will result in epic wins (more on my recent win next week!) – and that’s just another reason why I love to test and why I embrace the fails. Because I never know when one of those fails will lead to my next great idea!

Letting go of any “failure” fear means that I can create boldly, without rules, limits, or worries. And that, my friends is why I embrace and even love my craft fails.

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Be Our Guest: Disney inspired pocket page for travel journal Wed, 14 Mar 2018 19:04:37 +0000 As I work on my travel plans for summer, I knew I had to use one of the Disney cut files (available from ScanNCut retailers) to make a pocket for my notebook.

usual disclosure: I do work with Brother as a paid consultant, but all ideas & opinions are my own. I love the ScanNCut and it’s my pleasure to share with you how I craft with it!

For this project I utilized the Beauty & the Beast themed envelope cut out of watercolor paper.

Here is my YouTube video tutorial so you can see how I created this pocket.

What I love about these kind of pages in my travel journal or notebook is that it gives an artistic touch as well as being a practical way to store more, and keep more information together.

I will replace some of the decorative pocket elements once I have some park maps, tickets, or other bits to add in. But I wanted to show it to you full so you can see how much fun adding a pocket can be!

I find traveling with a notebook that has all of my information as well as room for journaling on the road to be a great thing not just for the convenience, but also for future reference when I want to scrapbook about the trip after! It keeps so many notes and details that I will find useful at a later time.

Can you keep a secret? You’ll want to stay tuned to my posts next week when I have a special giveaway. Rumor has it that it’ll include the cut file I used in this very project…

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A little stamped fun Mon, 12 Mar 2018 19:47:55 +0000

Recently I ordered some stamps from Ellen Hutson (affiliate links used below) – and they had them to me in 2 days. How quick is that? To start with I stamped in black archival ink various images all over a piece of watercolor paper. Then I pulled out my clean color pens and got to work! The goal here is to have fun – NOT to worry about finalized projects or anything else. 

Once done, if any stood out I cut the paper they were on out in a shape, and made a card!

Totally simple way to get a few more cards for my stash, as well as a pressure-free way to create. The stamp used here is by Flora & Fauna- love them! I love doing this technique with new stamp sets because:

  • inevitably a few will turn out ugly (more on that in another post next week!)
  • There is no pressure
  • I can focus on techniques and play
  • If things turn out well it is easy to convert into cards

My formula is just to stitch & mount the white paper onto paper(s) I think look good. No embellishing, no fuss, no worries!

I am working out a date to go and crop at a local shop – I haven’t gone and done that in ages mostly because I am the slowest crop packer (I want to take it all!) – but I’m going to try and pack my bags and try a crop some day soon. What are you up to in your world? I always love hearing about your creative (and not so creative) adventures. Feel free to share!

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Stamped & masked stamping scene with ScanNCut Fri, 09 Mar 2018 19:47:34 +0000 Hey guys! So last month I did a video about making custom masks with the ScanNCut – which is something I really mean to do more often! Today I’ve taken and stamped a whole scene (using masking paper), colored it, and then made it into a fun card!

usual disclaimer: I do work with Brother as a paid consultant, however all ideas & opinions are my own. I love the ScanNCut!

For a project like this I recommend:

  1. Stamp (just stamp- don’t stress overlap!) on scrap paper to establish your design
  2. Stamp (starting with whatever image(s) you want on top, cover with masking paper, repeat.
  3. Remove the masking paper & color

You can play a lot with masking, and I will continue in this series of masking projects to show you more ideas! Here is my YouTube video showing this project.

This really was a lot of fun!

I love how this turned out, and I really like the little hand drawn hearts. I love when a project takes an unexpected turn, and turns out well! I like this detail – and I wish you the best for a happy crafty weekend!

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Plannercon 2018 Thu, 08 Mar 2018 22:19:46 +0000

My manager/assistant Rebecca and I were in San Francisco last Saturday to teach a memory keeping class at PlannerCon. We had a lot of fun shopping for supplies, then setting up for class. About 100 ladies joined me as I talked scrapbooking, memory keeping, and a lot more.

Preparing for this talk really was fun and I have so many notes and ideas to share with you – I’m excited to get more into the kind of memory keeping I’m doing these days and excited to see more stories be told in my albums. Scrapbooking was my first crafting love – and while the style has evolved even today I really do love so much about it.

With under an hour and with the space constraints I couldn’t share all the ideas I wanted – so I’m building an online class to support the ideas I shared. Why am I telling you this? You’re welcome to join in the fun! You can sign up here – FREE. I will be going over techniques, simple design, and other scrapbooking fun so whether you’re brand new, left scrapbooking for a while, or just want some fresh inspiration I hope you’ll join in the fun.

This is one page from class- the how-to video will be going live soon! For now I’m back to work – loads going on behind the scenes here- and to get my wild ideas down on paper and into action so I’ve got more to share soon.

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Let’s Get Scrapbooking: NYC Album part 1 Thu, 01 Mar 2018 20:43:52 +0000 One of my goals in 2018 is to see a few more scrapbook albums & projects finished. To kick it off I’m working on a New York City 6×8 album that I started about 6 months ago.

At this point I had placed all photos inside, it just needs journaling, stickers, etc. So I got out my supplies and got to work!

A few notes when going for speed/simple:

  • Work as inspired. Flip through, if the journaling comes to you then add it. Jot it down. If you’ve got a sticker book in your hand, add stickers where you see appropriate spots.
  • Don’t sweat “fancy” ideas. If they happen – cool! But honestly a vacation album most especially the photos are going to be the stars.
  • Something in a corner, or along an edge is always a good idea!
  • Work in batches. Get photos in place, then add journaling, then stickers, etc.

Above all – make use of your time whether big or small amounts!

To share some of my quick tips & tricks I made this YouTube video:

I’ll be back all throughout National Craft month with more ideas, tips, projects, and all kinds of crafting!

My biggest tip? If possible, leave a few things out to enjoy and play with so that you are better able to make more out of smaller bits of time. This style of scrapbooking is absolutely perfect for people who need to work in small increments of time.

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Tax (hand doodled) fun with the ScanNCut Wed, 28 Feb 2018 08:12:21 +0000 So I was avoiding my paperwork and doodling… and before I knew it I had filled an entire page! Then I realized it’d really brighten up a dreary subject: My taxes.  So, doodle in hand I got out my ScanNCut and got to work. Today I’m going to show you the how-to.

usual disclaimer here – I am a paid consultant and work with Brother, however all ideas and opinions are my own. I always want to be 100% clear and upfront! 

One of the “new to me” in 2017 was crafting with vinyl. I don’t know why it took me so long to get on board, but I am glad that I did! While the weeding can be tedious as can the transferring (depending on the specific material/brand)  – it’s worth it! From mirrors to books to now my taxes folder – it can really make something personal and fun.

For this project I used vinyl and a doodle of my own. You’ll need to scan and create a cut file with your drawing, then cut it out with vinyl. Note that you CAN re-size if you want. I knew I wanted full size so off I went! You can watch the full YouTube tutorial here.

End result? Totally in love!

My X turned a bit Y with all the loopiness – but I know what it says and I love having my own signature and brand as well as my doodles all over what is normally the only part of my job I don’t enjoy! Oh that paper work – at least now it’s pretty.

Tomorrow we kick off with National Craft Month and I couldn’t be more excited – I’ve got tons of ideas coming for you and even some give-away fun. So stay tuned!

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ScanNCut masking Mon, 26 Feb 2018 08:00:03 +0000 I get a lot of requests for “just the how-to” video – and today I’ve got just the thing! If you have a ScanNCut and like to stamp – consider doing some masking. You’ll need masking paper (available through many online/art stores/etc), an image, and of course your ScanNCut!

Why would you want to mask a project of any kind? The basic reason would be to enable you to color part of a project without worrying about the rest. Last year I did a pottery painting tutorial (here) that features similar idea- layering color while protecting whatever is underneath the mask. You can do this with multiple shapes to layer color, or just one!

In today’s YouTube video I am sharing a quick tutorial for how I masked this cactus. This tutorial would work and apply for just about any image.

In fact, if you had a drawing or single image (not a stamp) you were trying to mask what you would do would be to scan in the original, then remove it and place masking paper on the mat. This will get you the exact shape you need without coloring/marking/stamping the masking paper!

I was able to get two uses from this mask – it will of course depend on your paper, color mediums used, etc if you’ll be able to re-use your masks or not. This is a technique and really an art style that I have not explored nearly enough, and will be doing so a lot more now and in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look – stay tuned next month for a tutorial that includes coloring as well.

the usual disclaimer here: I work with Brother as a consultant but all ideas and opinions are always my own! The ScanNCut is a machine I use, love, and enjoy sharing with you here on my blog. 

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Crafty Happenings: February 2018 Sun, 25 Feb 2018 22:38:58 +0000 It’s been an exciting few weeks over here and I’m checking back in and catching up this afternoon. I’ve got two classes to tell you about but first – Mary Anne Perlmutter  is the randomly drawn winner! Please email me craftwithmay at gmail. com to claim your prize!

Yesterday I took an all day class with my daughters – so wonderful! Paige Evans taught us Coptic book binding and it was a lot of fun – here are our books.

Paige is an incredibly patient and lovely teacher. Here she is demonstrating- it is tricky to remember the steps at first but once you get it? You’ve GOT IT!

She does have an online version of class – so check her out! Paige also has traveled SO MUCH and we all read her blog posts on cities as we plan for the big summer trip. Here we are with her – and her fabulous Pink Paislee line of products!

The books were a lot of work, but all us girls had fun playing and I really had fun just following instructions without creative pressure or deadlines. Just fun!

Speaking of fun – Rebecca fell in love with these stickers and “needed” her own sheet. They’re Dear Lizzy by American Crafts.

If this wasn’t enough – the week before I was in Dixon, CA teaching a super fun mini book class and dropping a homemade mini book/journal off as an example. I’ll be hosting a crop 5/5/2018 so if you’re local be sure to call and sign up!

The class being taught was the one I gave a kit away for last week – such a fun class and loved as I always do watching how everyone used their supplies so uniquely.

I always say crafty people are the best – and I mean it! I was so happy to spend time with such lovely ladies.

What’s up next? I’m teaching a short class at PlannerCon Saturday (I know! 3 crafty classes 3 weeks in a row!) and am developing an online class inspired by that – which will be free. So stay tuned, and have a great week!

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