I swore “no more scrapbooking” until I find these train brads I *NEED* for my current page. Well, I’ve logged in more than 10hrs of cleaning and still no sign of them. I’m starting to think that I didn’t buy them, I just meant to buy them. (slapping head in total homer simpson ‘doh’ moment)

The good news is that my embellishments and paper have not been this cleaned out since 2007! I have a long way to go in purging/cleaning… but it’s a good start. I’ll share more about the clean results next time. for now I want to share something I made (it’s not scrapbooking…) when stalling on cleaning.

Such a fun and easy project- a friend gave me an acrylic tag album, and instead of making an album I’ve been using the pages individually to make photo decor for the wall.

The photo and black paper is behind the acrylic. Then I adhered to the acrylic tag with foil tape around edges. SO FUN. OF course then just add fun do-dads and you’re set to jet!